The majority of the municipality is serviced by the Cartier Regional Water System which is fed from both the treatment facility in St. Eustache, Manitoba as well as from the City of Portage Water Treatment facility. Contact the RM office for information on the Cartier Regional Water System.
The 2023 Annual Report for the Cartier Regional Water Co-op was prepared March 28, 2024 and can be found at the following link:   Public Water System Annual Report
The 2023 Annual Report for the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie was prepared January 18, 2024 and can be found at the following link: RM-Public Water System Annual Report.

To connect to the regional water system, contact Andrea McCabe, Assistant CAO for all the details. A copy of the Application can be found here.

Water is billed on a quarterly basis. Outstanding accounts are added to the tax roll for the property. Interest at the rate of 1.25% per month is charged on all overdue accounts.
If you are moving, please allow at least 2 business days' notice so that a final reading can be arranged.  Final readings cannot be back dated so they must be arranged in advance.  Final bills will be issued within 2 weeks of the possession date.

To ask questions regarding your water bill, inform us of a change of address, etc., contact the Utilities department, Phone: 204-857-3821, ext. 1. Email Utilities Department
For after hours service or technical questions, contact the On Call Utility Operator, phone: 204-267-2417 or email Blaine Page during regular business hours.

Landlords and Renters: All correspondence (reading notices, bills, etc.) is mailed to the owner of the property if requested. If tenants do not pay their water bill, the outstanding amounts will be added to the property owner's taxes. Contact the municipal office for more information.

Areas not serviced by the Cartier system are serviced by private wells or have their own tanks which are serviced by water trucks.

Information for Truckfill Stations

For information on setting up an account for the new truckfill system, please click on the following link.

Information for Public Water Systems