Who should I contact if I lose my dog?
You should phone the RM of Portage la Prairie Dog Control Officer at 204-871-0154 and give them a description of your dog, where and when it was lost. Dogs should be licensed, and if possible tattooed for easy identification. Make sure your dog is wearing its license at all times. Pictures of dogs in the pound are posted on the RM of Portage la Prairie website.
My dog has been impounded. How do I get it back?
If your dog is impounded, please apply to the Dog Control Officer to reclaim your dog. When applying, dog owners must pay all outstanding fines or fees under the RM’s Dog Control By-Law that apply to their dog or for breach of this By-Law. The RM of Portage la Prairie’s Dog Control Officer can be reached at 204-871-0154.
What are the hours of operation for Dog Control?
There is animal control coverage from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday. Should an emergency occur after hours please contact the RM’s Dog Control Officer at 204-871-0154.
Can I stop by the pound to see if my dog is there?
No. The pound is not open to the public.  Only the RM Dog Control Officer is authorized to release or identify RM dogs from the pound. You can contact the RM Dog Control Officer at 204-871-0154 to make arrangements to pick your dog up or have your dog returned to you. Pictures of dogs in the pound are posted on the RM of Portage la Prairie website at www.rmofportage.ca immediately after capture.
How long are dogs held at the pound? What happens next?
Dogs are held for a 72 hour impoundment period pursuant to the RM By-law. Following the impoundment period, every effort will be made to place the dog in an animal shelter. Any healthy animals not accepted by an animal shelter will be euthanized.
Where can I get a dog license?
Dog licenses can be obtained from the Municipal Office, 35 Tupper Street South in Portage la Prairie.
Do I have to buy a dog license?
Dog Licenses will be issued on a one time basis. There will be no charge for the license but we ask that you put the tag on the dog so that it may be easily identified if your dog is ever lost.
As per the RM of Portage la Prairie Dog Control By-Law, any dog over the age of three months that is being kept within RM limits must have a RM-issued license. Please visit the Municipal office to register your dog! 
The annual fee payable for dog licenses is as follows:
  • Dangerous Dog – $250.00
  • For each male dog – no charge
  • For each female dog – no charge
  • For each spayed female dog or neutered male dog – no charge
  • Replacement of lost dog license – no charge
Who do I talk to about a neighbour who lets their dog do its business on my yard, gets into garbage, runs at large or barks constantly?
First step, speak with your neighbour. Respectfully, let them know how you feel and see if you can resolve the issue between yourselves. If the problem persists, report their name, description of dog, and, if possible, their home address to the Dog Control Officer at 204-871-0154.
How many dogs am I allowed to own if I live in the RM of Portage la Prairie?
The RM of Portage la Prairie Animal Control By-Law states: "No Person shall harbour, keep or have in his possession or on his premises, more than two dogs.” This does not apply to dogs kept at a premises for which a kennel licence has been issued.
There are mice/rats in the yard, possibly coming from neighbouring yard, who do I contact?
This is a Public Health issue – contact Manitoba Conservation – Health inspector 25 Tupper St N, or call 204-239-3187
I have a skunk or other wild animal in my yard or on my property, who do I contact?
You may contact David Carriere for assistance at 204-857-3258 or pdcarriere@msn.com.  However there will be a fee for his services.