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Welcome to the website for the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie. In an effort to enhance communication amongst all residents and their local government we have produced this site. 
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The RM Council meet to set its objectives/main focus points for 2024. After conducting an internal review of what Council considers as the municipality’s strengths, areas for improvement, opportunities and challenges, the Council identified 6 key priority areas:
1.    Planned Growth
2.    Partnership
3.    Roads
4.    Drainage
5.    Financial Stewardship
6.    Utilities 

The attached document describes each area and reason for focus. The RM Council also set strategic goals for 2024 with these priority areas in mind.
They are listed in the attached document.  Several objectives are listed with some that will be ongoing and stretch beyond this year. These documents will be posted on the RM’s web site and progress on the initiatives will be reported to Council throughout the year.