RM of Portage Utility Operations

The RM of Portage la Prairie Utilities is staffed by professional utility operators who are happy to assist you with your water and sewer needs.  In the case of an emergency, please contact the on call operator and during regular business hours please email utility operations supervisor.

On Call Operator 

Utility Operators
Shandy Turner
James Wiebe
Serena Davies

Utility Operations Supervisor

Blaine Page 


Utility Fees (In accordance with the Public Utilities Board and the Current Water/Sewer Rate By-Laws)
Cartier Regional Water & Sewer Rates as per By-Law 3211
By-Law 3168 - By-Law 3168 - Combined Utility Rates - Schedule A

Utility Mileage Rate: $0.70 per KM (Round trip from the Utility Operations Yard in Oakville)