Free Water Testing for Lead in Drinking Water

Lead exposure can affect the health of everyone, but fetuses, infants and young children are the most sensitive to lead exposure. The Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines state that lead concentration in drinking water should not exceed 0.005 mg/L and recommends that childcare providers and schools test their drinking water for lead.

The RM of Portage la Prairie is offering free testing for lead in the potable drinking water we supply. Water you receive from the RM of Portage la Prairie meets the lead limit guidelines; however, lead can enter drinking water from residential lead-based plumbing materials. Elevated lead concentrations at the tap are more likely in residential homes with known or suspected lead service lines, or older homes built before 1990. Testing the drinking water in your home will help to assess whether lead is present in your residential drinking water.

You will receive the results of your drinking water test. If your drinking water has elevated lead levels, further testing will be required. If elevated levels are still detected after additional testing, the RM of Portage la Prairie will provide you with advice on how you can reduce lead in your drinking water.

If you are interested in this free testing, please phone or email the RM of Portage la Prairie by June 14th, 2024, using the contact information below. The first 40 qualifying customers will be selected. If you are selected, The RM of Portage la Prairie will advise you on how water samples will be collected.

Phone Number: 204-857-3821


The RM of Portage la Prairie website has details on the lead in drinking water testing program and the Province of Manitoba website provides additional details on lead in drinking water.

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