Finance & Taxes


The RM of Portage strives to use it's finances wisely and transparently. Questions pertaining to finance may be directed to the CAO.
RM Expenditures
The municipality has put together this attached document comparing the municipal mill rates of the past three years by category.
Financial Plan
The Municipal Council adopted the 2024 Budget at the council meeting on May 14, 2024. 


General Tax Information

  • Tax bills are sent out to property owners in June each year.
  • Payments for tax bill are due on the last business day of September each year. This date is specified on the tax bill.  Overdue accounts are charged an interest rate of 1% per month.
  • Properties in tax arrears for over 2 years qualify for tax sale procedures.
  • Discounts are available for the prepayment of taxes.  Click here for 2024 Tax Discount Rates

Property assessments are determined on an annual basis. The values are determined by the provincial assessment services branch offices and are based on market values. If you disagree with the value of assessment on your property, you can appeal your assessment.  The appeal process is outlined below. The amount of annual taxes on the tax notice cannot be appealed.

There are two factors that determine the amount of property taxes levied on property

  1. Assessment: The Market Value of your property based on two years prior. Assessments in Manitoba are determined by the Provincial Assessment Services Office.
  2. Mill Rates: a) Municipal Mill Rate - Determined by the Rural Municipality when the current year's budget is developed; b) School mill rate - Determined by the local School Division.

         2024 Mill Rate Comparison

         Tax Levy Impact Calculator


Questions about your assessment?

Manitoba Assessment Services is responsible for determining assessments on properties within Manitoba. Property is assessed at market value in accordance with The Municipal Assessment Act. Any questions related to the assessment on your property can be directed to the Portage la Prairie Assessment Services Office, Ph: 204-239-3320.

Their office is located at 108 - 25 Tupper Street North in the City of Portage la Prairie. You can also visit the Manitoba Local Government Assessment web site for more information.

Manitoba’s property assessment services are now digitally available. Property owners can access their assessment notice by creating an account on the MyPropertyMB digital portal.  You will need your property roll number and client ID off of your assessment notice. 

Through the portal, property owners have access to enhanced details of their property assessment, such as buildings assessed on their property, characteristics including building age, size, and features that impact the assessed value.

If you are still not satisfied with the value of your assessment, there is an annual Board of Revision process where you have an opportunity to file a formal appeal. If you wish to submit a complaint to the Board of Revision regarding the assessment on your property, please contact the RM administration office, or click here for the Notice of Complaint form.

The Board of Revision is held annually and normally in October/November of each year. The date is set by the assessment services branch and the RM. The date will be advertised in the local paper well in advance of the Board of Revision date. There is no fee to file an appeal for residential or farm assessments through the annual Board of Revision.

Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit
Information on the Manitoba Property Tax Credit can be found here.
Seniors' School Tax Rebate
Information on the Seniors' School Tax Rebate can be found here or by calling 1-855-893-8266

Farmland School Tax Rebate
Information on the Farmland School Tax Rebate offered by the Province of Manitoba can be found here.