Emergency Services

In case of emergency dial 9-1-1
Health Services
The Portage District General Hospital, located in the City of Portage la Prairie, is the primary health centre for the RM of Portage. Located at 524 - 5th St. SE, it is an 89 bed acute care facility. It provides full surgical, laboratory and diagnostic imaging services as well as rehabilitation, chemotherapy, dialysis, obstetrics and palliative care.
Ambulance Service
The RM of Portage is served by the Central Region Emergency Medical Services. The service is staffed with full-time, part-time and casual paramedics. These are aided by first responders in the community. 
Clinics, etc.
Portage la Prairie has both a walk-in clinic as well as a full service clinic. It has two personal care homes as well as home care, mental health and public health programs.

A variety of dental services are available through local dentists and orthodontists. There are a variety of eye care facilities in the city as well.
Fire Service
The RM of Portage is served by the city of Portage la Prairie Fire Department.

The department consists of 16 full-time members, an administrative assistant and 25 part-time firefighters.

In addition to their emergency services, they offer many other services to the public, such as public education, safety inspections, and administration of various by-laws.

The fire hall is located at 124 - 3rd St NE, Portage la Prairie.
The general information line is: (204) 239-8340.
The RM of Portage is served by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment located in the city of Portage la Prairie.

Their address is 340 Lorne Avenue East.

Their Administration/General inquiry phone number is: