The RM of Portage la Prairie is the drainage authority for all lands in its jurisdiction with the exception of natural waterways, provincial drains and provincial highways.  This policy establishes guidelines and conditions for the drainage projects in the Municipality.

Surface Drainage Policy PW-06

Landowner requests for improvements to municipal or provincial drainage infrastructure should be made to the appropriate Ward Councillor or the Councillor that is the Chair of the Drainage Committee. All requests received will be reviewed by the Ward Councillor and/or Chair of the Drainage Committee. The Council establishes an annual drainage works plan to be funded as part of the municipal budget. Additional municipal drainage projects may be added as time and budget allow.

Private drainage works will not be performed nor funded by the municipality.

It is an offence under The Water Rights Act to perform unauthorized drainage works without the appropriate registration or licence and may result in fines and penalties. (See Drainage & Water Control - Province of Manitoba).

Tile Drainage - Policy PW-04 - Application Attached


Beaver Bounty

Concerns that are received regarding a beaver issue are directed to the Councillor for the area.  Upon determination that there is a drainage concern caused by a nuisance beaver the Councillor will then contact a licensed trapper to remove the beaver.  Upon receiving proof that the beaver has been removed the Councillor will submit to the accounts payable department the name and contact information of the trapper that is to receive the beaver bounty.

The Fees and Charges Policy outlines the amount that will be paid for the removal of nuisance beaver. 

Beaver Dam and Lodge Removal Guide