Dust Control

2024 Applications are OPEN


Concerning Road Dust Suppression Material

Residents of the municipality who wish to have dust suppression material applied on municipal road/streets adjacent to their dwelling may now make application by completing the form at the bottom of this page and making a prepayment of $300.00 at the municipal office.  Participants from 2023 will receive an application in the mail. Fill out the fillable form below or  Additional application forms are available on the RM’s website.

Payment Options:  use account 202406 (00202406000 if you require 11 digits).

  • by cheque, payable to the RM of Portage, mailed or dropped in the drop box.
  • by Telephone/Internet Banking - set up as a utility (water) payment.
  • by e-transfer - to payments@rmofportage.ca 

The charge is for a one time application of 300 lineal feet of road/street with a width of 16 feet being treated with dust suppression material.  Residents of congested areas sharing cost are required to collectively pay the fee.

Application for the service must be received prior to June 7th, 2024.  APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE.


                                                                   Kyle Hamilton, M.Eng., P.Eng., CAMP

                                                                   Chief Administrative Officer



Terms and Conditions:

1. A charge of 300.00 will be made for a single application of dust suppression material at the site noted above. The application of material will cover approximately 300 feet of roadway with a width of 16 feet. Additional 100 foot lengths can be purchased at an additional cost of 100.00 per 100 foot length.

2. This application form must be completed and payment received at the Municipal Office by June 7th, 2024.

Payment Options:

- by cheque, payable to the RM of Portage, mailed or dropped in the drop box.

- by Telephone/Internet Banking - set up as a utility (water) payment, use account 202406 (00202406000 if you require 11 digits).

- E-transfer – to payments@rmofportage.ca (provide name and account 202406 in comments).

DEADLINE: Friday, June 7th, 2024 

3. The area where the dust suppression material is to be applied is required to be marked with flags. Flags are available for pick up in the Municipal Office.

4. The Municipality does not guarantee the dust control suppression effectiveness.

5. The Municipality reserves the right to perform any maintenance procedures as it deems necessary on the treated portions of the municipal road. Although the Municipality will attempt to minimize any adverse effect of maintenance of the roadway, the Municipality will not accept liability for any restoration required as a result of unsafe driving conditions.


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